What Is The Best Nonsurgical Way to Tighten Up Loose Lovehandle Skin After Lipo & TT? (photo)

Hi everyone, I'm young 21, lost a lot of weight 286 down to 160. Had a tummytuck & Lipo in lovehandles 2yrs ago. My stomachs tight & firm but my lovehandle skin is way loose & sticks out a lot. What is the best (noninvasive if possible) way to correct this? What can I do? Furthermore what's the best way to tighten skin on the side of your body (underarm to hip) best way to tighten inner thighs & also small man breast? Please write back I've worked so hard & come to far... to be this unhappy! :-(

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Tightening Loose Skin Usually Involves Surgery

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Congratulations on your weight loss!  Unfortunately I don't think there are nonsurgical methods to deal with your excess skin which will need to be surgically removed.   You probably need to have a completion of a lower body lift.  This obviously will add some scarring but is likely the sole option.

Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Paying the price for previous, poorly made decisions...

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Hi there-

I'm very sorry, as I realize that this is going to be difficult to read, but the reality is that you are in this position now because a tummy tuck was probably not the right procedure for you in the first place.

I would not want to speculate on why you and your surgeon chose to do a tummy tuck at the time the decision was made, but it is clear from your photos that the skin excess and loss of skin quality that you had on the anterior abdomen was present in your flanks as well- as such, there will unfortunately not be a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure that will give you what I'm sure you want.

Please understand I speak only in the interest of helping you achieve your goals in the easiest and shortest manner possible when I say that the very best thing you could do now would be to accept that your previous decision was not the best and not compound it by making more bad decisions.

Non-surgical skin tightening procedures have been, at best, disappointing. At worst, many would tell you they don't work and are a sham.

Best bet? Talk to your surgeon about completion of your lower body lift. More surgery, more pain, more recovery? Sure- but it's the only way you're going to finally get what you want after all the work of losing the weight.

And please help others in your situation by advising them against the advisability of trying to achieve their goals while compromising the procedure performed... the very most unhappy patients I meet are the ones who tried to achieve their goals while taking a short cut (I want a breast lift, but no scar.. I want a tummy tuck appearance but no surgery...)

You've come this far- the finish line, and your desired appearance are in sight- but you need a completion lower body lift. Compare your appearance to a patient of mine who had a lower body lift, and note that he does not have the problem you are complaining about:

Best of luck!

Best non surgical way to tighten up loose lovehandle skin?

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Thank you for your questions and photos. Congratulations on loosing the weight, well done!  Unfortunately,  there are no good non surgical methods (despite what you may read on the internet) to tighten the loose skin you are concerned about.   The best method to treat this problem is direct surgical excision of the excess skin.  As for the breast problem this can be greatly improved with liposuction.  

Donald M. Brown, MD (retired)
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Loose skin of the flanks and back

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Congratulations on your weight loss and thank you for sharing your pictures.   I do not think you will obtain a satisfactory result without a completion body lift.    The scar can usually be hidden within the underwear line with careful planning.  As a young healthy patient,  I think this will give you a natural contour and shape that will last you for years to come.   In regards to your breast tissue, I think you will get a very nice change with ultrasonic liposuction.    This involves minimal scarring and can be combined with your posterior body lift.

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening?

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Thank you for the question and good quality pictures.

Congratulations on your significant weight loss- you should be very proud of this accomplishment.

Unfortunately, there is no effective “nonsurgical” way to “tighten up loose skin" after previous tummy tuck surgery. The modalities that have been listed in previous responses will leave you disappointed. The very careful to avoid wasting your time and resources.

Eventually, in order to achieve your goals, further skin excision ( lipectomy procedures)  will likely be necessary.

Best wishes.

Nonsurgical skin tightening

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Thank you for your question.  There are only 3 things I can think of that may have some mild benefit.  You would not see major results because the benefit from nonsurgical procedures is usually subtle but could possibly help some. 

The three possibilities include Exilis, Liposonix, and SkinTyte.

To be sure this is something that is possible for you, see two or more board-certified plastic surgeons in your area for a full and complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have surgery.  I hope this helps.

Skin elasticity

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Unfortunately, as others have already stated, there are no reliable treatment options for non surgical skin tightening, especially in the flank and back.

What Is The Best Nonsurgical Way to Tighten Up Loose Lovehandle Skin After Lipo & TT? (photo)

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As the previous expert posters state there are NO non surgical methods to tighten skin in those areas. 

Might want to try SkinTyte

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If you don't want surgery and are willing to try one of the non-surgical techniques, I have had some moderate success with the SkinTyte laser.  This basically heats up collagen to get skin shrinkage.  It takes several treatments but is noninvasive.  If someone guarantees you it will work don't believe them, but it is something worth considering, as well as some of the radiofrequency devices.

Loose Love Handle Skin

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Unfortunately you have lost a lot of the elastic contractile properties in that skin. I am sure you can find any number of practitioners that will offer their various mechanical and laser machines to help you but I would be very sceptical of that. I have not seen any nonsurgical technique that gets the patient to the goal they want in your situation other than surgery. It is a fairly simple procedure with considerably less pain and shorter recovery than the abdominoplasty you have already had. It simply extends your current scar around your sides and onto your lower back and should be in an area easily concealed with shorts or swimwear.

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