How to Tighten Loose Skin After Mini TT?

I had a baby and then ended up with loss skin on my stocmach i had a mini tummy tuck and still have loss skin. I am now doing a procecure dermatone and see in helped alittle but feel it is no longer working. what laser can i do to tighening my loss skin? or what can i do? thank you

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Mini tummy tuck doesn't tighten upper abdominal skin

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Many patients ask about mini tummy tucks because the scar is shorter and the surgery doesn't seem as "invasive".  The truth is that a mini tummy tuck can result in great results but only in a very small subset of women with only lower abdominal muscle and skin loosening.  These tend to be women who carried their pregnancies low and have gotten back into shape after giving birth with a very tight upper abdomen.  In vast majority of women, the muscle under the skin surface is loose above and below the belly button and so the muscle corset tightening needs to be done above and below the belly button.  Also, the loose skin in most women is located above and below the belly button.  In these cases, a full tummy tuck is absolutely necessary to create a tight abdomen and address all the changes that happened during the pregnancy.  The loose skin that you have after a mini tummy tuck is probably from the areas above and around the belly button which was not addressed.  In these cases, conversion to a full tummy tuck may be necessary to get the results that you would like.  Unfortunately, in my opinion, there is no laser that will tighten up the skin around the abdomen.  Even laser assisted lipo like Smart Lipo will not tighten up the abdominal skin in the way that you would want it to.  It can also leave you with contour irregularities (wrinkling and indentations) from the heat energy from the laser.  

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Mini tummy tucks and loose skin.

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The problem with a mini tummy tuck is that it does not address any loose skin above the belly button. Unfortunately, most women who want a "mini" tummy tuck would benefit from a full tummy tuck. Without a photograph or an exam, any further information would be limited in value.

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How to Tighten Loose Skin After Mini TT?

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A photo would help us answer this question better.

If your skin is still loose, chances are you need a full tummy tuck. Only a small minority of patients are good candidates for a mini-TT. It only treats the lower half of the abdomen, and most patients who have laxity of the skin or abdominal wall have involvement of the entire abdomen. A mini-TT my actually make the appearance of the abdomen worse by creating an imbalance. 

Unless the skin laxity is truly minimal, it is doubtful that any non-operative treatment will accomplish what you want.

Thanks for the question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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