How Tight Should the Compression Garment Be After Cellulaze?

How can a person tell if their compression garment is the right size or not?

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Compression after Cellulaze

Your compression garment after Cellulaze should be tight and give a even and consistent pressure over the entire treated area.  It should not bind or pinch but shouldn't hang or fit like regular pants or leggings. It should definitely not be painful.  They should feel similar to spanx or other firm body shapewear. The goal is to minimize swelling and have the tissue/skin redrape in the treated areas in a smooth, even fashion.    As always, when in doubt, talk to your surgeon.

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Dr.Grant Stevens          

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Garment tightness after Cellulaze

I like to use two different garments after Cellulaze.  The first is to minimize swelling and bruising.  This garment is tighter but not strangulating so as to decrease swelling in the feet and ankles.  Then I switch to Spanx as I start the lymphatic drainage one to two days after the treatment.  Spanx, when properly fitted, gives good support.  I remove all the compression after two weeks.

Thomas P. McHugh, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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How Tight Should the Compression Garment Be After Cellulaze?

The compression garment is meant to reduce swelling and to help the skin redrape over its new contour. It should be snug, like wearing spanx. It should not be too tight, or very loose. Check with your physician, if you are unsure about the fit of your garment.

Kenneth A. Marshall, MD, FACS
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Compression garment after Cellulaze

The garment is meant to put even pressure over the ares that were treated, in order to minimize swelling.  If it is very uncomfortable or is putting a lot of pressure in small areas, it may not be the right fit.  If it is cutting off circulation, definitely too tight!   Overall, the garments are not exactly comfortable, but should be tolerable. 

Compression garment

The compression garment should fit you as a pair of Spanx would. It should be tight but not so tight that you are uncomfortable; we recommend wearing this garment for one week only removing to shower.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Compression Garment After Cellulaze

Your compression garment should feel tight and snug without causing you pain. Visit your doctors office post-treatment to ensure that you garment is fitting properly. 

Daniel Shapiro, MD
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