Tightness and Tenderness After Liposuction

Hi I had waist & thigh liposuction 4 weeks ago, during the surgery I lost allot of blood & had to have 6 transfusions, after the surgery I ended up with multiple hematomas, which are now better from having blood thinning injections. My concern is, my inner & top thighs feel very sore & tight, by the end of the day, but legs are more exhausted than me, I have been told it will take 2 months to recover and the tight, numb & pain to go away, are you able to advise if this is a normal recovery?

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Thigh tightness and tenderness after liposuction

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Blood under the skin such as you describe can result in prolonged inflammation, swelling and fibrosis. I would estimate that it will take at least 4-6 months before you will note significant resolution of symptors.

Liposuction recovery

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Recovery from liposuction can take a few months especially after what you went through.  The firmness can be massaged to soften the areas.  Good luck.

Recovery after liposuction

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it will take you a full 6-8 weeks to start to feel normal. In your case, your recovery may be prolonged because of some of the difficulty you had after your surgery. Talk to your surgeon about what you can do from an activity standpoint. Lymphatic massage may also help you.

Jeffrey Kenkel, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

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