Tight-Lipo for Double Chin?

How does this procedure compare to a traditional liposuction for a double chin?   http://www.typesofliposuction.com/tag/tight-lipo%E2%84%A2-body-contouring

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Neck Liposuction - Traditional vs Smartlipo?

There are numerous technologic variations of liposuction, the most recent being that of a laser-assisted method. (aka Smartlipo) That is a brand name of laser liposuction and there are a handful of companies that offer laser devices for liposuction, all with catchy marketing names. In the end, it is using the laser to create improved fat extraction and some degree of skin tightening. This could be very useful in the neck area as the skin has a good ability to shrink and contract in many patients. Whether it is truly better than traditional liposuction without the use of laser assistance is a matter of debate. It is my preferred technique but I don't think it is absolutely essential in getting a good neck liposuction result.

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Liposuction for double chin

The first and original technology for this type of thing was called Smartlipo. This is a laser assisted liposuction. It is critical to understand the word assisted because there is still some degree of standard liposuction performed at the end. Since that time there have been five or six other companies with some variation of the same laser assisted technology. It works best in people with significant amount of skin laxity along with the double chin. For small areas in younger people with good skin tone it does not really add significantly to the procedure. Good luck and I hope you could make it through all of the confusing variations on this.

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