Tight Implant, Contracture? (photo)

7 months post op on a BA revision switched from 525cc Saline to 550 HP Silicone b/c ruptured implant. After 2nd BA left breast has never felt right...tight & sensitive. Doing massage & taking 1000mg E vit. Going to Dr. b/c after doing massages theres Big difference n the way the left sits and feels..tight. Later n day the troublesome implant settles a bit so its not sooo obvious but always feels different than the other. What should I be asking my Dr? What is going on? What options do I have?

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Your surgeon should be upfront with you

and appreciate your concerns without you even having to ask. There is a marked asymmetry and maneuvers are available in helping the upper poles become level. Regardless, your surgeon knows what was done and knows what can be done to correct any issues you may develop. You do need to keep your surgeon in the loop and follow instructions given to help get you your best result.

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Tight Implant, Contracture?

very hard to advise via the internet. Best to seek additional in person opinions in your city/area.//

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