Tight/Hard Tendon Post-Op 20 Days 650cc Natrelle HP? (photo)

I have a tendon that you can see under my left breast. It only becomes this way if I raise my arms above head. It is tender. How can I resolve this?

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Mondor's cord

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You likely have what is called a Mondor's cord.  This is not unusual and most likely represents inflammation or clotting in a superficial blood vessel.  This is not dangerous and should be temporary as well.  Check in with your plastic surgeon to make sure that this is actually what is occurring and to obtain any recommendations for treatment (if any).

Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon
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You have a Mondor's cord

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Sometimes after breast surgery, patients develop a tender cord-like structure that could be confused with a tendon. This condition is called Mondor's cord or syndrome, which is inflammation within one or more superficial veins near the breast. Warm compresses and anti-inflammatory medication, such as Motrin can helped to resolve this issue. Best wishes.

Gregory Park, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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