Am I an eligible candidate for chin reduction surgery? (photos)

Hi I've had a jutted out jaw for a while ever since I got out of my braces at 12. Recently it seems to be getting worse despite the fact that I've been given retainers although it isn't as noticeable when my face is still whenever I smile it tends to jut out, is this normal? would I be a good candidate for chin reduction surgery or is my chin not bad enough to be worked on and is this something that can be changed through orthodontics?

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Chin vs jaw

You need to have proper xrays done to see the position of the jaws. It might be that the orthodontist has masked the skeletal problem. Your bite might be OK but the facial harmony has suffered. I would look into the options before having chin shave or surgery done.

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Eligible for chin reduction,

Dear Crazygurl,

Thank you for your pictures. I believe that you could benefit from a chain reduction. Orthodontics will not solve this problem. In my opinion, a sliding Gee up last he two slightly setback your chin in addition to some liposuction of the chin/neck area would greatly improve your profile.

Best wishes.

Chin Reduction

You have a large projecting chin bone which you are used to and is part of your natural jaw development. But the size of the chin bone and its projection becomes much more apparent when the soft tissues on the side of the chin are pulled back away from the bone and the central soft tissue chin pad is left standing so to speak. You need a combined bony and soft tissue reduction procedure done through a submental approach to resolve your chin size appearance.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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