What is the best under garment for post Tickle Lipo?

List of supplies need for faster recovery time after ticklelipo. Also what is the best recommended undergarment you recommend.

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LIposuction and garment

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I prefer that my patients wear a compressing garment for 3-6 weeks post liposuction. There are several companies on line that offer good garments.

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What is the best under garment for post Tickle Lipo?

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Your surgeon should provide you with a garment after your liposuction. The garment is the same regardless of the type of liposuction you have. The amount of liposuction a patient has determines how long the patient to should wear their compression garment. Generally after a week or two, I allow my patients to where Spanks. The point is to compress the liposuctioned areas evenly and smoothly. The Tickle liposuction equipment has many advantages over other techniques, but compression garments are still necessary.

Liposuction recovery

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  • Your surgeon's office should provide this information,
  • We use Marena garments because of the comfortable material and their speedy delivery in our area.
  • There are many other excellent post-liposuction suppliers of these garments.

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