Is My Tickle Lipo Progressing As It Should? (photo)

I am one week post op from tickle lipo. My stomach actually looks worse than before the surgery. Is this normal? Does it look like it is swelling? She took out 1000 cc of fat from my upper and lower abdomen (combined). I also worry there may be an uneven result. The first day she wrapped in ace bandages, next day compression garment. The bandages migrated towards the center and were extremely tight there, and it seems like there is an indention from them. Thank you.

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Tickle Lipo, one week postop, is this normal?

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Thank you for the photos. You look worse because you have cellulitis or an infection developing . This needs to be addressed immediately before a serious infection sets in. You have significant redness especially in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen. You need to see you surgeon immediately for antibiotic treatment. Infection after liposuction is very rare, but if it happens, in a small percentage of people can have seriuos consequences, including death.

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