Thyroid and RNY Gastric Bypass

I was scheduled for RNY and hernia repair and then received a phone call from the scheduling nurse saying my blood test showed my thyroid was low. So it was canceled..Now it will be another 2 months until I can reschedule What does that have to do with the surgery?.

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Thyroid function and Gastric Bypass

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Most bariatric surgeons including myself check thyroid function on patients prior to surgery.  A low thyroid level means that you will have a slower metabolism and contributes to weight gain.  It is also safer to have your thyroid well regulated before surgery.  Surgery is elective and it is good to optimize any medical conditions you have prior to undergoing the surgery and I agree with your surgeon postponing your surgery.

About the thyroid

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The thyroid gland regulates the body's metabolism.  It sets your body's "thermostat."  If it isn't operating in the right range, you can feel tired and (among other things), gain weight.  It can also increase your risk of having surgical complications.  Since weight loss surgery is elective, there is no rush to do it, and it is much safer to optimize your thyroid function before having the operation.  I would commend your doctor.

Mark Pleatman, MD
Bloomfield Hills Bariatric Surgeon
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