Will Zerona Work with Thyroid Issue?

I had a treatment that is similuar to the Zerona, but not the same machine. After several treatments, I did see results. But after about a month or two, even watching what I eat, I could see the fat coming back. I drank lots of water, exercised, and watched my diet very closely. I am tired of spending money when the procedures do not work. Even though I am 57, 5'6" and weigh 150, I have a BMI of 34. So I am considered obese according to the medical charts,even though I don't look it. Belly fat.

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Zerona Work with Thyroid Issue

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Where did you get this idea? There is no relationship in a foolish cold laser beam and thyroid tissue therapy. But please continue to let us help with these clinical questions. It gives us an opportunity to see what patients are thinking. 

Zerona Effectiveness

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Not surprising that your fat has come back after a month or two.  If you are tired spending your money on procedures that do not work, you will be more tired of it if you choose to have Zerona.  The science behind it's claims just doesn't stand up.  Good luck and be well.

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