Is It Possible That Through Mild Asymmetry After Rhinoplasty That One Side is Swollen?

the bridge of my nose is asymmetric,it's not for the first time extremely noticeable, but by more pricesely looking, by most of the lighting conditions it's noticeable.On one side my inside of the nose is swollen.I can see it by looking with a mirror and my doctor has confirmed to me my nasal mucous membrane reacted on one side differently to the surgery.I did't ask if it may be liked to the crooked bridge. could it be possible?

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I didn't manage to make myself understood. is it possible that a crooked bridge to this extent could lead to nasal obstruction and swollen nasal mucous membrane? unfortunately by the last consultation I forgot to ask if it could be a link between the two. On the right side I can't breathe very well and when I look with a mirror inside it's red and swollen. I'm 9 weeks now. Thank you in anticipation.

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Mild Asymmetry after Rhinoplasty

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You do not mention when you had the rhinoplasty surgery. If  your surgery was recent, time will tell if the symmetry is secondary to swelling or an underlying anatomic abnormality, such as scar tissue or misplaced bone and/or cartilage. Your surgeon is the best person to help you through this as healing progresses.

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All body structures are asymmetric.  It is very possible that there is some asymmetric swelling as well.  Give it time for the swelling to improve.

Is It Possible That Through Mild Asymmetry After Rhinoplasty That One Side is Swollen?

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 Rhinoplasty will never make the nose perfectly symmetric nor is that even important in the overall aesthetics of facial beauty.  Each of the noses presented in the photo are perfectly good noses.  Rhinoplasty can and does have asymmetric swelling afterwards for up to 6 months or longer.  If you're looking for increased overall facial beauty, look to the cheeks, eye area and lips while having a reasonably sleek and refined nose IMHO.

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