I Had Gone Through Lasik Two Weeks Ago. My Number Was -8. After Lasik I Still Have -1.75 Number. Can I Go for It Again?

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LASIK Touch Up

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It is too early to know if you need an enhancement or not.  You just had significant treatment and it will take your eyes some time to stabilize.  If you still have refractive error after your eyes have fully healed, you should be able to have a small enhancement to eliminate your residual refractive error depending on your residual corneal bed.


Basically, give yourself another 6 weeks or so to heal and if at that point you still need a touch up, you should be able to have one as long as you still have enough corneal thickness. If your cornea is too thin after the first treatment then the surgeon can always do PRK over it to touch up the treatment and that should get resolve the issue.

San Diego Ophthalmologist

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