I've Gone Through Accutane, Birth Control, Acupuncture, All of the Creams You Can Dream Of, How Do I Still Have Acne? (photo)

I'm in my mid 20s, fair skin, female. My pores are huge. Constant red swelling with black and white heads. Huge boils occur constantly on my back, sometimes around my ears. Some have hardened and have stayed for years. My ears are full of odd scar tissue because of this. I've been on accutane, antibiotics, topical creams, I've changed my diet, I tried birth control for a number of years (off that now) I have gone the all natural route. I have literally done everything.Where can I find real help?

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I've tried everything, how do I still have acne?

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When patients come to me who have tried everything, including Accutane, I usually find that they didn't take enough of the Accutane or weren't consistent on the medication. The range of necessary mg of Accutane is 8000-16000mg for a regimen. I find that most people stop taking it when the acne clears up after a few months, so they don't get the long-term effects of the medication, and then when the acne comes back, they claim Accutane didn't work. But, when we put them on a long-term regimen and get the appropriate mg dosage into their system, not surprisingly, they clear up! So, seek a board-certified dermatologist in your area and go over everything with that doctor. If you can get your past medical records or you know what you took and for how long, that will be extremely helpful. Don't give up! Just find someone who can help you.

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