Throbbing Nose - Old Break

Hello! I am a 26 year old female that has been living with a broken nose for over 10 years. I was the lucky recipient of a softball to the nose when I was 12 years old. Broken nose and deviated septum. A few questions -- 1) Why have I felt a constant "throb" in my nose since it broke? A literal throb that matches with my heartbeat. It really is uncomfortable. 2) Why is only my right nostril continuously runny? This coincided with the break. Thank you!

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Throbbing Runny Nose after Nasal Trauma

This is an issue with the nerve sensation to the nose.  The throbbing is likely a blood vessel that is now pressing on one of the nerves in the nose.  This is fairly obvious, what is not so obvious is that the runny nose is also a nerve problem.  Mucous production, much like saliva production is controlled by nerves.  Irritated nerves in the nose can lead to a constant drainage which gets worse with stimulation (cold, smells, etc).  It is a difficult but not impossible thing to fix.  See an ENT in your area to discuss this.

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