Not Thrilled About Results After Mastectomy and Latissmus Construction. Will it Get Better?

Had a unilateral breast reduction to match the mastectomy + latissmus construction on other side. Reduction used the keyhole incisions. and about 1lb was removed. Not real excited about the results. Its 5 months post surgery. My scars are raised, red and sometimes hurt. I get burning pains under the arm. I've lost sensation in lower part of nipple and of course in entire lower half of breast. Will it ever get better?

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Healing from post-mastectomy reconstruction

I am sorry that you are dissatisfied with the result of the contralateral breast reduction. The sensory changes should continue to resolve; sometimes nipple sensation does not return. But, and I am trying to say this as kindly as possible, you have had cancer and it is important to focus on the big picture rather than a reduction scar. If the scar is raised and red, see your plastic surgeon to discuss whether cortisone injection or other modalities would be of benefit.

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Breast reconstruction results

The issues that you describe such as sensory changes and potential burning occurs, and can  get better with time.

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