I Am Three Weeks Post Op Breast Implants and Are Horrible. What Can I Do to Fix Them? (photo)

I am three weeks post op. My first surgery was 8 years ago and I had capsular contractures and had them redone. I have 700 cc saline with high profile mentor implants. I am extremely unhappy with the end result. I did contact my plastic surgeon and sent pics of them. She called me back and have agreed to not charge me to redo them, but still have to come up with 1300.00 for surgery center and anesthesia fees..AGAIN. What in your expertise is needed to fix these breasts.

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Breast Implants

The most important thing at this point is for you and your surgeon to be on the same page about your goals.  In other words, in your opinion, what makes the result 'horrible?'


We can pick apart the aesthetic outcome, but frequently, what we see as plastic surgeons does not correlate with why you are unhappy.  The right procedure for you will be based on the above discussion and whether you are able/willing to undergo the procedure to get you to where you want to be.  Without your input, my suggestion would be to wait (three weeks is too soon for revisional surgery).  If after settling, things look the same and you are OK with a mastopexy, I would downsize your left implant and perform a mastopexy on that side.

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Downsizing is Needed

You will need your implant(s) downsized, a lift and possibly some internal capsule work.  You really need to meet with your PS to review your options.  It is not unreasonable to not charge a surgeon's fee and have other fees apply.  Revisions and how they are handled are up to the individual surgeon's office.

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I Am Three Weeks Post Op Breast Implants and Are Horrible. What Can I Do to Fix Them?

Very hard to advise without before posted photos to compare. Yes there is N/A asymmetry but was it present before? 

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Unhappy with breast implant surgery

Based on your photo, your left breast seems larger and longer. You probably had asymmetry between the left and right breasts prior to your surgery.  In order to achieve a better symmetry, you may need to have left implant down-sized and have a lift.  Mastopexy (breast lift) will bring your left nipple/breast in line with right breast; however, this involves more scars and flattening of the areola for the left breast.  You need to talk with your plastic surgeon to discuss your options and your concerns.

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Post Op Breast Implants . What Can I Do to Fix Them?

I cannot tell from this photo if the size is even in a bra. And without pre-op photos to look at it is hard to tell if you started out even. However, what you have is what you have.

I will assume the size is about the same (otherwise changing out one implant is in order). I would suggest a mastopexy to lift the left nipple and areola, and to remove excess skin. The right breast looks just fine. 

I can't tell without photos how bad your contractures were, but the intense scarring that is sometimes involved makes if very difficult to predict the outcome, and secondary surgery may be very common in that setting. 

Thanks for your question, and for the photo. Best wishes.

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