Three Weeks Post Op and Swell when Sleep on Side?

I'm okay sleeping on side sometimes and then others I really swell up sleeping on my side. I just want to know the cause of why you swell hen sleeping on your side? Is it because the garment does not give enough pressure? Im tired of laying on my back it hurts. Also, if I was almost able to stand straight since day one does that mean my PS did not tighten my muscles good enough? Also, can the swelling extend up the entire abdomen? Sorry for all the questions. thanks

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Three Weeks Post Op and Swell when Sleep on Side?

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Some photos or additional info would be helpful. For example, I can't tell from the question where the swelling occurs after sleeping on your side. 

Amount of muscle tightening will have no effect on ability to stand erect. 

Swelling can involve the entire operated field, and beyond. 

All the best. 

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Patients can sleep on their side immediately after abdominoplasty.

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In my practice I permit patients to sleep in whichever position is most comfortable for them. Sleeping on the side allows selection of the hips which takes tension off the tummy tuck repair.

Three Weeks Post Op and Swell when Sleep on Side?

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Dear girl2,

Thank you for your questions.  Swelling is normal and happens more often when you sleep on your side.  When you are on your belly, the swelling drains from the belly, but when you lay on your side, it usually accululates on that side.  It is just gravity based swelling.  Its not the muscle tightening that doesn't allow you to stand up, its the skin tightening. 

Best wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

Post Op swelling

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Post  SURGICAL sswelling     is  just   a  response   of  lympahtic drainage,   With   surgery some    of   the  chain   of   linpahtic     is  damage    and   it  needs  help     with    manual  drainage and   ultrasound ,     ask    your  PS     to see   if  you    still   need    some  cycles of  massages  and  pressure    cloht    as  the  girdle 

Cynthia Disla, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Swelling following tummy tuck

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Swelling in very normal for 6-8 months following a tummy tuck. When you lay on your side the fluid accumulates in the dependent position. This will soon resolve. You should be able to sleep in any position you wish.

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