Three Weeks out and Still Have a Drain? Is This Normal?

I have had a very easy and fast recovery but I am still draining more than 30 ccs a day. Is this normal? Is there something I can do to aid in stopping this. I drink a ton of water and have had a few glasses or wine. Can the alcohol hurt me?

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Continued Drainage from Tummy Tuck after 3 weeks

      Drainage at 3 weeks happens.  Do not give up on the drainage just stopping by itself.  As mentioned, a sclerosing agent may hasten reduction in drainage.

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Three Weeks out and Still Have a Drain

This is out of the ordinary, but does happen. Maintaining normal activities in all you can do. Some of us think that wearing the binder may help. If this persists, sometimes injected into the tubing some betadine or other substances can slow down the drainage. Discuss with your surgeon.

Thank you for you question, best wishes. 

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