Complications From Three Surgeries in Two Days in Mexico?

A friend went to Mexico and had a gastric sleeve. 1st surgery stopped due to low blood pressure Day 2, 2nd surgery they finished the procedure. She vomited all liquids. Had a scope, revealed a hiatial hernia. They repaired that. Today is 7 days out from the 1st surgery and she not better. The X ray in Mexico said slight fluid in her lung but they sent her home. She can barley breath. She wont go to the ER here. No food X 2 wks. Pale, weak, severe pain, lethargic, age 58. What can we do?

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Don't have surgery in Mexico

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The answer is you only have one life and don't go to Mexico and risk you life, where there is no control of healthcare like in the USA.   You should get her back to the USA ASAP and to an emergency room that does bariatric surgery so she doesn't die.

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