Three Previous Rhinoplasties & Nose Tip Uneven, What to Do Now?

I have had three previous nasal surgeries. The first surgeon removed the huge bump on my nose but left me with a very crooked nose. Another surgeon was able to fix my newly crooked nose after two tries and navigating through lots of scar tissue. My nose is straight now but my nostrils are crooked. One is very obviously higher than the other and one side is more full. I hesitate to do any more surgeries. What are my options? If I do injectibles do I have to do this for the rest of my life?

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Nostril assymetry after three rhinoplasties

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The reason revision rhinoplasty is so difficult for an expert like myself is the nose is scarred as well as a scarred patient.I don't have pictures to advise you. I won the award for best journal article in 2005 for my article in their journal on fixing nostril assymety. I'm not always successful however.It is a judgement call on your paryt whether to proceed. 

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Another revision is most likely possible, but only you can decide if it's worth it!

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When I advise patients on whether or not to pursue rhinoplasty (primary or revision), I urge them think if the potential up-side (improvements) outweighs the down-side (risk, recovery, expense).  If your nostril and tip asymmetry really bothers you and you know in your heart that you cannot move on because of it, then you may consider another procedure.  I'd advise you to really think if the problems you see are significant or if they are subtle and perhaps you see them much more so than anyone else.  I can tell you that fillers are not a good solution for nostril or tip asymmetry--there are more complications with fillers lower in the nose and the beneficial effects are not reliably delivered. 

David W. Kim, MD
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