Three Months Post-Op Full TT & BA. I Have Severe Acute Pain Right on my Incision, Why?

I felt this pain when I went back to work but it faded. I jumped out of bed the other day and the pain was so strong and intense that I was at a loss of words. I saw my surgeon, when the pain did not subside. I can't even talk very loud or move too quick. It hurts too much. It's reminding me of my surgery! Yes, that bad. I got a shot of lidocaine but it did not affect the pain. It did for an hour but never 100%. I can't live with such a limited mobile range. I don't know what to do.

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Pain after a tummy tuck

It sounds like you might have an entrapped nerve.  If you're okay from a surgical standpoint, ask your plastic surgeon to refer you to a peripheral nerve specialist.

Severe pain 3 months after tummy tuck

I am so sorry to hear about the discomfort and grief you are having from what should be a very pleasing and satisfying procedure.  It doesn't sound like anything went wrong with your surgery and it is good that your surgeon has already looked at you and attempted treatment with lidocaine.

My only thought would be something called "regional pain syndrome" or "reflex sympathetic dystrophy."  Both are very rare but can present like this.  If everything else looks normal, I would go see a pain specialist doctor who could prescribe some medication that can help with this.  The good news is that this problem tends to get better over time with the proper treatment.  Good luck.

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