Three Months Ago I Had a Mole Removed but It is Still Tender and Has Recently Started to Feel Raised on the Scar? (photo)

Why would a scar from a mole biopsy still be tender? It is on my back between my neck and shoulder and at night even the rubbing of the blankets feels sensitive. I noticed that is has gone from a flat scar to more raised in recent days. Could this bedroom an infection. I had no issues during the healing process so I am concerned with the current state it is in.

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Mole removal

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If you have pain after your procedure, I would highly recommend that you follow-up with your physician.  Sometimes after a surgical procedure, a scar can hypertrophy or keloid and a steroid injection may be necessary. 

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Tenderness after a mole removal

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It will be best for you to have this evaluated in person. It's hard from the photo to comment on if that's just an irritated scar site, or if you may actually need to have the mole biopsied again.... Either way, it will be best to seek an in-person assessment on this.

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