Can I have a revision three months after an open rhinoplasty? (photo)

my surgeon and me are not happy with my result, he said today he his having back in next week to take more off the tip because it is still too high, and he can feel bone so there is no swelling, he wont be charging me he said, but the look of worried was on his face, he cant understand how ive become scarred, across the nose either, so im worried, is this a normal thing to do so soon after a rhinoplasty?

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Revision rhinoplasty

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It is accepted that the results following rhinoplasty will take about 1 year to settle. This is why we all suggest to wait as long as possible before going ahead with a revision surgery to the nose.
There are certainly some exceptions and if you trust your surgeon then you should be patient and follow his advice.

Nose revision 3 months post-op

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Hi Mandavik,

Though it is still too early for a general nose revision, I believe your surgeon feels that the causative parts at the tip are not the things that would resolve with time such as residual cartilaginous hump (responsible for supratip swelling or polly beak), tip soft tissue, tip cartilage, and thick skin. 
I would rather respect his opinion, otherwise wait for 3-6 more months.

Revision surgery

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Usually we recommend waiting a year before revision rhinoplasty.  Even though it appears swelling has resolved there is still induration and some swelling at the surgical site.  This will lead to a higher probability of not reaching your aesthetic goal if operated on too soon.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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This is not common at 3 months.  It takes weeks to months for the swelling to settle down after a Rhinoplasty.  If you should decide to get a second opinion, be sure to take a copy of your operative report with you, as the new surgeon will need to see what was done in the first surgery.  Best wishes!


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No it is not the routine thing to do.  That said though one really needs to review your preoperative photos, the operative note and do a full examination before stating categorically that it should not be done

Dr Corbin

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