I Have Had Three Breast Surgeries in the Past Year, with my Most Recent About 1 Month Ago, and I'm Still in Pain Please Help?

In September of 2012 I hade a breast aug, then in may of 2013 I developed a capsular contracture and had that fixed, well the breast got too droopy and I had to have a mastoplexy and get a new implant. Now I am about 1 month out after surgery and I have a ton of pain in the upper region of my breast, the pain starts at my sternum and works its way out, on my left breast. About 3 weeks ago I picked up my son because he had gotten injured and now im worried I did something.. Please HELP!!

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Pain after multiple surgeries

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You really need to see the surgeon who operated on you last. He/she knows your history and anatomy. None of us do.

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Pain In The Breasts

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I would first recommend that you immediately contact your surgeon and get in for an exam. You may have irritated the muscle. Only a physical exam will help to determine the course of action.

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Breast pain

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If you are only a month out post surgery and your implants are Submuscular it is probably muscle soreness and should resolve but check with your surgeon

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
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