No Improvement from Thread Lift

I had a Thread Lift on my neck in January, but it came back with no results at all! I went for a second opinion because I can feel the thread behind my ear, where the incision was made. I went to another doctor and told me to go back to my plastic surgeon because of the risk of infection. I made an appointment with my surgeon and said that he will fix this. I don't know what to think and I'm scared. What are the things should I expect when I have it done? How is it usually fixed?

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Thread lifts are not as popular and there is a reason why. What to do when it doesn't work.

Thread lifts were very popular and then they fell out of popularity for several reasons. You are complaining of two problems that commonly occured: Failure to deliver a consistent and symmetric response, and palpability of the thread. I assume you underwent the procedure because you were either afraid of surgery or desired something less invasive. These are common reasons that motivate individuals to undergo these techniques. Unfortunately, the more aggressive procedures tend to produce more dramatic results but with higher risks.

All you can do is to discuss your options with your surgeon. This is most likely to be either tightening of the thread or removal of both. Either option is relatively simple and relatively low risk.

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Threads are no substitute for the real thing

I did quite a few thread lifts when these first came out 4 years ago or so. Truth of the matter is that they really do not work well. When you do get OK results they do not last. Because I did quite a few of these I removed many of the threads. They really come out no problem at all. At the end of the day nothing replaces a goof lift. A mini-lift is usually about the same price as the threads anyhow and gives much better and more predictable results. You would do best to consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon in your area.

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