Would CoolSculpting help make the side more even? (photos)

Axillary lipp, I see it was a huge mistake that could very well lead to skin removal now. i know some swelling at 6.5 weeks. Looking at the back for the first time I see how the lipo was taking to the back and more on one side than the other. Getting Coolsculpt to match up the fatty tissue will cause same skin empty as the other side. Skin seems way to ruined to figure it will conform again and it was def not contoured for area. Was done back to front, pretty obvious. How big is scar for skin removal?

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Would Coolsculpting help make the side more even after receiving auxiliary lipp.

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It looks as if a fairly large area was treated with traditional liposuction.
It may still have swelling even after 6 to 7 weeks. Give your body some
time to heal and re-examine yourself after 6 months. If it is still uneven, then definitely explore Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting is meant to take care of selected areas and destroy the fat cells in a specific area. It would work for what you would be looking to do. However, it is just too early to tell what the end result will be in your case. Everybody responds differently.

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Cool Sculpting and Fat pockets

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Cool Sculpting can be used in fat pockets such as "bra fat" and other areas.  The only way to determine if you are a candidate would be an evaluation in person.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist with a lot of experience with Cool Sculpting for the best cosmetic results.

Coolsculpting and axillary fat

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Coolsculpting could help, however it is difficult to determine how many treatments you would need.  If you are seeking better symmetry, you may need revision liposuction or some skin removal.

Coolsculpting and bra fat

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Coolsculpting can help reduce pockets of fat, such as the ones in your picture. To tell if you are a good candidate however, I would recommend being evaluated in person. This will also allow you to discuss expectations and the treatment. Coolsculpting was invented by Harvard dermatologists, so I recommend seeing an office where a physician with expertise in Coolsculpting will personally evaluate you. 

Coolsculpting post liposuction

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6.5 weeks after significant liposuction is still early in the healing stage. After six months reassess yourself and consult with a board certified physician who can provide both surgical and coolsculpting options.

Cool Sculpting for bra fat

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Cool Sculpting is an excellent way to treat Bra Fat.  The picture you show from the back is a great example.  The device will draw that tissue up for cooling.  

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