Burning Pain Under Implant Day 4 Post Op?

Hello Had my op on Monday 265cc, all went well infact they actually look good, no bruising or redness or blood or anything, but internally i am in so much pain. At the bottom of my right implant where my incision is, it burns! It burns sooo bad and feels so heavy I have to cup my implant for a few minutes to give some relief, this pain is there mainly when I stand from sitting or laying, is there something wrong with my new implants? No redness around incision just a bit puffy.

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Burning Pain Under Implant Day 4 Post Op?

A thorough examination is needed to answer this appropriately. With that said, several patients have discomfort in the breast that soon out after surgery.  I would definitely give it more time.  Within a week, I think most of your discomfort will go away.  I would direct any concerns you have with your surgeon so he is aware of them.  

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Breast Augmentation

It is normal to have some burning and pain after breast augmentation. However, if you are having severe pain or burning not controlled with pain medication you should call your surgeon. 

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