Am I still suitable for IPL after experiencing a heat rash? (photos)

My 1st session went well and I saw improvement on my skin. Right after my 2nd session, my face was itchy and burning, at night it started appearing red bumps and I realized it was a heat rash. I put some hydrocortisone prescribed by my derm an it healed within a week. I decided to go and do my 3rd session, and again the allergy came back! Is there any way that I can continue my treatment without having this kind of allergy? What if they can turn down the fluence of the IPL like my 1st session?

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Red and Itchy after IPL

This should resolve with the right skin care and Hydrocortisone, but I suggest combining with a silicone based growth factor gel. I recommend getting a formal consultation with an expert about best options for next steps. Best, Dr. Emer.

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