I am an ovarian cancer survivor. Will Mona Lisa work for me?

I had complete hysterectomy including cervix. Will the Mona Lisa work and more important be safe with missing cervix? Is there possibility the laser could increase cancer risks? I currently use aloevera for lubrication, safe, non hormonal, works but tedious. Also the strength of orgasm is gone, possibly to loss of uterine contractions or cut nerves but not sure. Very sad about this. Any idea if Mona Lisa might help this?

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Surviving your ovarian cancer.

You are a ideal candidate for the MonaLisa it can help the vaginal dryness and atrophy due to the lack of  Estrogen (surgical Menopause in your case ). The majority of my patients have better natural lubrication and more pleasurable intimacy. If orgasms are an issue you may want to research the option of a O-shot. This is injection of your blood product rich in platelets and growth factors which may enhance  clitoral and vaginal sensation.

FemiLift and MonaLisa are an excellent option for anyone who has atrophy after hysterectomy with removal of the ovaries

There is no danger in having FemiLift or MonaLisa vaginal resurfacing procedures without a cervix. Lasers do not increase the risk of cancer and are used for the treatment of many cancers. The effect of these procedures on orgasm is unknown, but improving atrophy may improve orgasms.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation after hysterectomy

Laser vaginal rejuvenation is an ideal option in your situation.  This can be performed by one of several CO2 based laser systems including the Mona Lisa or Selene Touch.  It is also possible that sexual sensitivity may be enhanced in certain patients who undergo "G - spot" injections, possibly being combined with additional growth factor therapies.

Mitchell C. Kaye, MD, FACS
Scottsdale Urologist
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MonaLisa Touch for cancer survivors

The MLT treatment is FDA aproved for revitialization of vagial and labial mucosal tissue that has become thin, dry or painful as a result of decreased estrogen. This occurs for some women after natural or surgical menopause. This laser treatment is ideal for women like yourself who cannot take estrogen and want to remain comfortably sexually active. I hope this works for you. In my experience the MLT has been lifechanging for my patients.Leslie Kardos MDSan Francisco, Gyn

MonaLisa Touch

The MonaLisa Touch is a less invasive laser treatment for vaginal dryness and many other purposes that actually increase blood vessels, collagen, and thickness to the vaginal wall. It is approved by the FDA, but has no specific indications, so we are finding many anecdotal uses. It allows women to avoid hormones for genital uses. It improves vaginal dryness with or without a cervix, and many women have had improved strength of orgasm. It is effective in over 90% of women. Out of well over 100,000 women treated, there are no significant adverse effects noted.  It is worthwhile for most women to try if there are no contraindications, and if you have not had pelvic radiation, you are probably a candidate. Every woman I have treated has had positive results after even the first treatment. It is a revolutionary method for women and gives us an option that is non hormonal and works more effectively than hormones.

Safety of MonaLisa after Hysterectomy

You have nothing to lose by trying the MonaLisa except for vaginal dryness!  You can be assured that it will not increase cancer risk in your situation.  60% of women experience diminished or absent orgasm after hysterectomy (HERS Foundation Study).  Some women claim that sex is better after hysterectomy.  It is impossible to know whether the MonaLisa will help you with the quality of orgasms.  If you experienced intense orgasms due to uterine contractions, then no procedure will be able to restore that after hysterectomy. If you experienced less sensation or discomfort with intercourse after surgery, then it is possible that you will benefit with improved tissue health.  Give it a try!
Mary C. DuPont, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Mary C. DuPont, MD, FACS
Chevy Chase Urologist

Does hysterectomy alter the effects of the MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser? Does it help with orgasm?

Your hysterectomy should not affect the outcome of the MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser treatments because the target is the vaginal walls not the cervix or uterus.  The goal of the laser treatment is to thicken the atrophic, or thinned vaginal walls.  The laser probe directs the laser energy to a right angle to facilitate that.
Many of my patients have experienced increased vaginal sensitivity after they have completed all three laser treatments.  This has resulted in lowing the orgasmic threshold and for them, a better sexual experience.  There is no specific data regarding this question, but if intercourse is painful because of vaginal dryness then it makes sense that achieving an orgasm would be more difficult.

Mona Lisa after ovarian cancer surgery

Mona Lisa is a very good treatment for vaginal atrophy after a hysterectomy. The absence of the uterine cervix has no effect. Treatment is directed at the lateral vaginal walls. Sexual activity has been found to be more comfortable due to the improved quality of the vaginal lining which increases vaginal secretions. This could help with orgasm if it is related to vaginal discomfort with sex. Best Wishes Maurice Vick MD

Maurice M. Vick, Jr., MD
Baton Rouge Urologist

Mona Lisa Touch following ovarian cancer

The MonaLisa Touch (MLT) is perfectly safe following your hysterectomy and there is no increased risk of it causing another cancer. It will definitely help with the vaginal dryness. It may help with the quality of orgasm but this is unpredictable. Vaginal estrogen cream or suppositories may also be beneficial but should not be used without the consent of your oncologist.

Ovarian cancer f/u

Your questions are about several issues. Firstly, MonaLisaTouch would help you with dryness, pain, bladder symptoms after intercourse and I recommend it. The orgasm/sexual functioning is probably due to the surgery but can also be tied to the strength of the pelvic floor that may be aided by MLT or estrogen. However, your total testosterone level will be zero after your surgery and could be addressed with testosterone pellets to see whether this adjusts your libido and orgasm. Ask your GYN oncologist whether you can try estrogen tablets/ring/patch/cream. Good luck.

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