Can wisdom tooth and oral cyst removal surgery make your smile crooked?? (photos)

I always used to have an even smile until I had surgery back in Jan 2014. I had an impacted wisdom tooth in my upper left corner along with a cyst that grew around it. Both needed removed and were very deep. I healed nicely except now my left side of my smile is weaker. I only notice it when I smile. If I concentrate hard on it, its normal but that side shakes after 5 seconds and just gives out and goes back to being crooked. Is this damage from the surgery and can I fix it?

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Underdeveloped Maxilla may be the problem, DNA Appliance or SARPE the answer.

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You have a narrow maxilla from your photo which supports the muscles and tissues of your face.  I would suggest a consult on orthopedic expansion of the maxilla, DNA Appliance would be my first choice.

When you have an underdeveloped maxilla that can be orthopedically grown either with the DNA Appliance and Epigenetic Orthodontics/Orthopedics or with a SARPE procedure.

Creating a more physiologic airway gives the best and healthiest results.

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