Does it look like I have an underdeveloped maxilla? (photos)

So I believe my smile has been crooked since my last wisdom tooth and dentigerous cyst removal but I think I may also have an undeveloped maxilla. My left side is weaker and is naturally crooked but the second photo shows me when I try really hard to make it even. It shakes and gives out though after about 10 seconds. Whats wrong with my smile?

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Underdeveloped maxilla

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You have a beautiful smile! From your photos it's a little hard to judge the situation, but it looks as though your teeth don't quite fill out your smile as much as possible. Orthodontic treatment may be able to help with this.

What I do notice (as you mentioned) is an imbalance from right to left side of your facial soft tissue when you do smile, and you indicate that your smile "feels weak" when you try to make it even. In my opinion, Myofunctional Therapy could be the key to better facial balance and strengthening the facial muscles. There are some dentists trained in this as well as some speech therapists, and the beauty of MT is that it can even be done via Skype if the dentist you find doesn't live close to your home. Treatment is usually done over a one year period of time, with weekly meetings for the first 3 months, then less often as the year progresses, with specific exercises given to each patient depending on the outcome desired. You can Google AOMT to try to find a therapist near you. Good luck!

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