What's the best way to get rid of the gap in my teeth? (Photo)

My teeth not gud to see because of gap. Even I can't laugh also.Kindly, Please tell me an option sir

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Best way to get rid of gap

You're front two teeth are quite large relative to the size of the teeth next to them.  So the best way to close the space would be orthodontics or Invisalign.  Bonding or veneering these teeth before orthodontics would create teeth that would be much to wide and would not give you a nice, natural smile.

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Braces or

this will depend on time, if you do not mind wearing braces for at least 1 year, braces will be a great solution for you, you will close those gaps, but at the end, you will still have the same teeth, size and even color, 
now if you do not want to wait, or wear braces, 
veneers will be great solution, shape, size and even color will be the best solution for you, you will close that gap, but you will need a smile analysis, and also a clinical and radiographic analysis, but yes, you  can have great solution

Orthodontics and bonding

To correct the gaps in between your teeth the use of orthodontics using braces or clear aligners may be necessary. However based on your picture it appears that one incisors has a large chip, which may required either dental bonding or veneer placement to regain its esthetics.
It should be noted to wait until after orthodontics to make any cosmetic modifications to your teeth.

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