I Am Thirteen and Want to Get Laser Treatment on my Legs and Arm Pits Am I Too Young??

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Laser Hair Removal For Thirteen Year Old

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You may have laser hair removal done at 13 however I always recommend that our laser patients have hit puberty, as this gives us a better understanding of your hair growth. Make sure you bring one of your parents to the consultation. There are many risks associated with laser hair removal so it is really important to choose the right medical clinic at which to have your treatments performed and that you understand all the risks involved with treatment.

Laser Treatment at age 13

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Thank you for your question. You can start now as long as you are mentally prepared to do a series of sessions. Hair will get thinner and less dense with each session. Make certain you are being supervised by a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon during your series for best results and safe treatments. I hope this helps.

Laser Hair Removal for Teenager

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Hi Swaqq.  Thirteen is usually the youngest we will take a patient for laser treatments.  The reason is more practical than medical.  As long as the hair is dark and coarse you are a good candidate.  The main reason we would not treat patients younger than this is that they have problems with pain.  

Laser hair removal can be uncomfortable and children do not do well with it.  If you are motivated and are not bothered by the discomfort, you are a candidate.

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Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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