Third Course of Reaccutane or Not? I'm 20 Female-had Took 5mnth Accutane Course 3 Yrs Ago-my Skin Perfect.

a yr aftr skin break out again-i had hormonal imbalance n cyst on ovary,so took Diane for 3 mnths-skin was okay.yr after-again breaking out-so took a mnth course of accutane-skin cleared up-a year after my skin went crazy- breaking out tremendously like the time b4 accutane-tried antibiotics,fruit peels,retin A,candida diet-but no effect.recentlychecked hormones n for ovarian cysts-completely normal. I now decided to take accutane again- right decision or not?HELP!

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Third course of Accutane?

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If you only took Accutane for a month, that cannot be counted as a second course of the medication. There is a specific mg dosage that has to get into your system to actually count as a true course of medication, and a single month simply wasn't enough. Consult a physician to see if a true second course is the right option.

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