Third Eyelid Surgery to Correct Ptosis?

In 1997, I had Eyelid surgery to stitch a crease on my eyelids. It turned out symmetrical.

In 2006, I started getting styes on my left eye and I ended up going to doctor who made an incision and drained the stye. Shortly after, my left eye started to droop.

In 2007, I got surgery to redo my eyelids. It looked uneven. Now my eyes are totally uneven. A doctor friend advised that I look into ptosis. Is it even favorable to go back and fix this?

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Ptosis correction

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Yes, ptosis can occur at any time during a lifetime due to a muscle weakness on the upper lid. The affected eyelid will be partially closed, and cutting across the black pupil part of the eye, creating visual loss and a sleepy-looking appearance. The ptosis correction can be performed from the inside of the upper eyelid or through a traditional blepharoplasty technique in the upper eyelid crease. An oculoplastic surgeon well versed in this area can improve the ptosis. Many times both eyelids are done because of the ocular reflex that occurs between both eyelids.

You will need ptosis repair for drooping eyelid

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The incision for your stye most likely damaged the levator tendon which opens and maintains the upper eyelid position.

You will likely need a ptosis repair.

You need to see a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in eyelid surgey or an ophthamologist whpo has fellowship training in occuloplastic surgery.

Ptosis repair requires skill, expertise and EXPERIENCE.

What you need is a good eye plastic surgeon

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Dear Cinny

You need to find a highly qualified oculoplastic surgeon. This should be someone with a national reputation and the willingness to analyze precisely what is going on with your eyelid positions. The fact that you have already had three eyelid surgeries means that much of the eyelid anatomy has been compromised. Particular attention needs to be paid to what is left in your eyelids, what are your goals and can your goals even be met given the prior eyelid surgeries.

Without having seen you, I would recommend that you see a number of oculoplastic surgeons before committing yourself to further surgery. You need to assure yourself that you understand what is being proposed and that the proposal makes sense. There are truly limited resources in your eyelids and you are at risk of having them used up by failed surgery.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Third ptosis correction through Eyelid surgery

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First of all, even though I am a Plastic Surgeon and have done many ptosis repairs, I would refer you to an oculoplastic surgeon. The reason is that after 3 surgeries, one of which was for a stye, so I presume there may be a lot of scarring.

Having said that, I want to forewarn you that perfect symmetry is an elusive goal. A well qualified surgeon will improve your asymmetry, but perfect symmetry is rarely, if ever achieved.

Ptosis repair?

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You should be evaluated by a qualified surgeon that performs eyelid surgery( plastic surgeon, oculoplastic, or facial plastic surgeon).  If you have ptosis , it is commonly a fairly straightforward procedure that will lift your eyelid to the upper portion of your limbus( the colored portion of your eye).

Find a good oculoplastic surgeon.

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Some of the best people to evaluate and potentially correct this problem are oculoplastic surgeons. These are surgeons who trained in ophthalmology (eyes) and then did additional fellowship training in oculoplastic surgery.

As a facial plastic surgeon, I frequently refer patients to my oculoplastics colleagues if they truly have ptosis as opposed to just aging eyelids, especially if they've had previous surgery or trauma to the eyelids.

All the best,


David C. Pearson, MD
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon

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