I Am Thinking About Having the Brazillian Butt Aug. How Bad is Pain/recovery?

I want to have this done and I was thinking about Dr. Mendieta. He seems to be the most experienced and is before/after pics are amazing. Does anyone else recommend him?? I'm soo worried about the recovery.

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After a Brazilian butt lift the toughest part of the recovery seems to be staying off the buttocks for a full two weeks.  Avoiding pressure on the buttocks after surgery allows the fat time to attach to the blood supply and remain viable.  Most patients report soreness after the procedure which usually resolves in 3 to 7 days.  Every person's body heals differently so your recovery may vary slightly however any pain you experience should be well controlled with medications suggested or prescribed by your surgeon.  Please review your surgeon's credentials to confirm he/she is a board certified plastic surgeon. 

Be well and good luck!


Recovery and Pain?

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I am sure the best people to answer the question are the patients that have already had the procedure. My experience is that this is one of the toughest recoveries. Between the discomfort from the liposuctioned areas and the tenderness of the augmented butt there is just something hurting. The good news is that after the first 4 to 5 days things seem to improve tremendously. Mind over matter!

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