I Am Thinking of Starting a Laser Therapy for Hair Removal for Legs and Bikini with the Alexandrite Laser, How Frequently?

Is it ok if the spacing between the first 3 treatments is approx 4/5 weeks and then I wait something around 7/8 weeks for the next treatment? Could I in principle switch to another method, such IPL for the last treatments?

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Laser hair removal on legs

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Timing of laser hair removal treatments is very important to the end result, but nothing is as important as the laser you choose. Do NOT use IPL for laser hair removal. 
Timing between treatments is very important for optimal results with laser hair removal.  Different areas of the body have different hair growth cycles.  In order to catch the most hair in the active cycle during your laser hair removal sessions treatments should be scheduled according to the hair growth cycles.  Face and neck treatments should be scheduled every 4-6 weeks, trunk areas including bikini, chest, back, underarms, stomach etc. should be scheduled ever 6-8 weeks, and legs 8-10 weeks apart.  Typically 6-8 sessions are recommended to catch each cycle of hair growth, although some people may be satisfied with their results sooner. 
For light skin to medium toned skin an alexandrite laser has been proven to be safest and most effective and a long pulsed nd yag laser is safest and most effective for dark skin tones. Following these guidelines should result in the greatest reduction of hair

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Time between Laser Hair Treatments

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Thank you for your question.

Yes, spacing of 4-5 weeks apart for each treatment is a good idea.  If you are getting nice results with the Alexandrite Laser, why switch?

Best wishes.

Frequency of Laser Hair Reduction Treatments

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Four to six week intervals is the range for best results. There is a cumulative component to treatment intervals.

Why would you switch to a less efficient modality for the last treatments?

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