Okay I Am Thinking of Having Laser Treatment but I Was Also Wonder if Can Take off Razor Bumps? (photo)

like i was saying i have red razor bumps on my legs for shaving but can the laser hair removal take those away or just my hair and my razor bumps still there ? or is there any procedure that can take them off?

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Laser hair removal may be helpful for razor bumps.

In our practice we use IPL for hair removal, and razor-bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae) nearly always improve. See what your doctor recommends after your examination.

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Dr. Joseph

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Can Laser Hair Removal Take Care of Razor Bumps?

Hi Judy.  Yes.  If you get laser hair removal, it should take care of the shaving bumps.  

Because the results of laser hair removal can vary a lot (from 0% - 95% permanent hair removal), make sure to choose an experience practice with the right type of laser for your skin.  With the pictures you have posted we would suggest either an alexandrite or diode laser.  Stay away from IPL or Yag technologies as they may lead to much less permanent hair removal.  

We are located in North Orange County (city of Orange) and would be happy to offer you a free consultation regarding laser hair removal.  Follow the link below to schedule.  

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