I Am Thinking of Having a Chin Implant and Wondered What Type of Material is Best to Use

I am thinking of having a chin implant and wondered what type of material is best and why. Do most chin implants get inserted through the mouth or under the chin?

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Best Chin Implant Material and Technique of Placement

Gortex and Medpor are used by some surgeons for chin augmentation, but most use solid silicone.  35 years ago I placed the implants with an intra-oral incision and had 1 infection; I have used an incision under the chin since that time and have never had another infection or a patient complain about the scar. 

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Best chin implant material

I typically use a solid silicone chin implant (silastic). There are other choices such as gortex, medpore, etc. that can give good results as well. Silastic is easy to insert, has a long track record of safety as an implant (it is solid to no concern of leaking liquid) and can be easily removed if needed.

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Chin implants with solid silicon

I use chin implants made of a solid type of silicon called silastic.  You place them deep, right down on the bone.  The benefit is that it's hard yet flexible, solid with very low risk of causing an infection.  The risk of causing bone resorption is near zero.  Because they sit on the bone, it feels just like bone.  I place them through an incision under the chin, but it doesn't really matter.  The risk of infection is slightly higher when placed through the mouth.  But, both approaches have a very low risk of causing infection.

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Chin Implant - types and insertion options

The Choice of Surgeon more important than choice of implant is the most important
thing.That being said Goretex, Silicone or Med-por are most commonly used. They come in a number of shapes including extended anatomical {"with wings"}.

Both conventional implant materials such as silicone, medpor  and gore tex are reasonable choices for chin implant surgery. Most important by far is the skill and expertise of the surgeon and not the material used. That would be the basis I would use to find the best surgeon.

The choice of insertion - through the lower lip (inside the mouth) and below the chin are both common choices. There is slightly complications such as infection by inserting the implant from below the chin in a crease, submental crease, that hides the scar.

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The best chin implant

The best chin implant to use is the one that your physician has the most experience with.

I personally use a solid silicone chin implant because it inserts easily, can be removed easily and can be secured in place easily as well.  I have a very low complication rate as well with that type.

Other surgeons may use a more solid/rigid chin implant or others may suggest advancing your own bone.  I have used these techniques as well and each has their place and indication.

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