Thinking About Getting Ceramic Braces. What Do You Think? (photo)

Hey! I would appreciate if you could look at the picture and tell me how can i improve my smile using braces? What needs to be corrected?

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Ceramic Braces

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I would definitely recommend orthodontic treatment! Your teeth would be aligned perfectly and most likely expanded so you have a nice wide smile. Find an orthodontist in your area and schedule a consultation! You will be so happy with the result!

New York Orthodontist


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Go ahead and get some braces done as soon as you can.  Ceramic would be just fine.  Do see a an ADA recognized orthodontic specialist, ask plenty of questions, and have them show you similar cases they have treated.   Keep your braces absolutely clean while they are on and you should have a really nice looking result when you are finished..   

Clark L. Jones, DDS, MSD
Phoenix Orthodontist

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