I Was Thinking About Getting Affirm Laser on my Acne Scars. Is This Procedure Effective?

I am 18 years old and decided to plan on getting rid of my acne scars. I no longer get acne due to my strict diet and i exercise daily. I was just wondering how reliable this procedure is. I have read some reviews where some people were very satisfied with their results. I also heard some people claiming that their face became dry a year after? Anyways i was wondering if this procedure would be suited for me I dont have any deep acne scars, just some i would like to get rid of. Thanks!

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Affirm for your post acne skin resurfacing

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Thank you for the question!  Affirm is effective on acne scarring, particularly when it is not severe, like you are stating, it's not deep.  Deeper scarring usually does particularly well with ablative procedures that remove more tissue and therefore, more of the scarring.

Affirm will do exactly that - firm the tissue.  when the tissue is firmer and tighter, the mild scarring will be less visible.  There is little downtime with the procedure and generally, your skin will appear to be red / pinkish for a day or so, post procedure.  Our clinical team lets the patients know they can apply make up if they wish to conceal the redness.  There is some tenderness post treatment as the tissue is healing however, we ensure the patient is comfortable by applying a topical numbing agent prior to the procedure.  It takes less than 40 minutes for a full face treatment.  We recommend a series of treatments for optimum results but in my practice, I like to use several different modalities to ensure you have the best possible results.  In the case of acne scarring, i may use some IPL to reduce and even out the colour plus IPL will stimulate collagen production.  This helps to "plump" up some of the tissue lessening the visibility of the scars.  If there are one or two deeper scars I may use soft tissue filler to raise the scar and create a smooth surface to the skin.  Local ablative treatments and skincare are also both options I may deploy.

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