Is There a Way to Thin the Upper Neck?

I am not overweight and my jawline is pretty firm but my neck seems to flare on the sides, not sure if this is muscle or fat. It's shaped like )( and just seems to lack that sensual feminine contour. So, was wondering if there existed a procedure that could laterally thin the upper neck so that it doesn't look like )( but more like /\ (not exactly, but hope this gives you an idea.

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Assessing the neck for surgery

Without a photo or face to face examination I cannot be sure of what you are describing. The neck contour is dependent on a number of factors including skin excess if any, amount of fat just under the skin, muscle tone or laxity, and jaw bone shape or prominence.

One good way to assess the non-bone contributions is to grab the neck skin & fat between your fingers while biting down & gritting your teeth. This tightens the neck muscles & gives the trained eye an idea of muscle laxity, fat location (under vs. above the muscle) and amount of skin excess. If the pinch is more than a centimeter and it does not change when the muscle is activated liposuction is indicated. You may still require adjunctive procedures but at least you will know liposuction is of some help.

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Improving neck contour

Hi there-

There are many options for improving the contour of the neck, but which option would be best for you is going to depend on your examination.

Your best bet is to visit a surgeon you like and feel you can trust and discuss the options with them.

Need advice on how best to find such a surgeon? Read this:

Armando Soto, MD, FACS
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Neck issues

Flaring of th eneck can be from several different things. It usually is due to loose skin or platysma muscle bands. These both can be treated with surgery to tighten the neck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Changing neck contours and shape

There are many conditions that determine neck contour and this can vary based on your cervical lordosis, skin quality, fat deposits and muscular anatomy. Depending on what is causing the appearance you describe, some of these may be able to be surgically modified.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Tapering the Upper Neck

Rather than communicating with punctuations, it would vastly easier of you to post 2 photographs of your neck from different angles. What COULD be done would vary enormously based on an actual examination. Since that is impossible, a photograph is indispensable.

I would be guessing (which is not what you want) that you MAY be referring to neck webbing occasionally seen with familial inherited syndromes such as Turner's Syndrome. Depending on the severity, the webbing may need to be corrected with Z-plasties; the web is cut and the sides of the wound are shifted to allow tissue movement and flattening of the web.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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