Will Retin-A Thicken Upper Eyelid Skin?

Does Retin-A 0.01% gel help thickening and plumping upper eyelid thin skin? My eyelids recently have got so thin, that I can see the enlarged veins under skin. I applied gel two times and the veins all are hidden and the thin skin is much thicker. Does Retin-A gel also improve my very shallow pitted acne scars on my cheeks? Is the results of Retin-A gel permanent or after stopping using Reti-A, thin skin and pitted scars will come back? Thanks a lot foryour attention

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Retin A does thicken skin but caution advised around the eye

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The action of Retin A takes more than a few days to see.  Most likely what you are seeing after two days is some irritation, which causes swelling the of the skin, making it look thicker.

Retin A can cause irritation if it gets inside the eye as well.  It has to be used around the eye cautiously, with applications no closer than 1/2 inch away from the eyelid margin.

Also, starting with a 0.1% gel every night on thin delicate skin will probably lead to more irritation and actual dermatitis.  I recommend that you start using it twice a week at most.  Make sure to keep it away from the eyes.  Use a good moisturizer made for sensitive skin and a good sunscreen during the day.

Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

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