Can Thin Skin (Not Reversed Normally) Caused by Topical Steroids Be Helped with Retin-a?

Hi, I have been using topical steroids (betnovate), for 16 years now...and my skin has become thinner, although that is supposed to reverse it has not, I have now stopped using steroids due to an improvement in my skin. I am 16 years old, and have wrinkles under my eyes and nose to move lines and pronounced horizontal lines around my neck, I was wondering if retin-a could possibly be any help? I will also consider fractional laser resurfacing when i am older...Thankyou

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Thin skin

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Thining of the skin from topical steroid is common, may improve with time.

Retin A if used under direct supervision of a physician can be used to improve the quality of the skin. may combine with light peels or fractional CO2 laser.

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