I Have Really Thin Skin Under my Eyes, So Thin That You Can See my Veins Perfect. What Can I Do or Have Done to Fix It?

My whole family on my dads side has huge bags under their eyes also but mine arent puffy they are just so thin and my veins make it look like dark circles. I have tired make-up but it just makes them look darker most of the time. I just want to fix them!

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Veins or Skin?

Hi there,

I think the key here is, what bothers you more, the Eye Veins or the Skin? If its the veins (as I gather) than there are some simple and safe ways to treat this.  A laser called ND:YAG has the ability to target the blue pigment in veins. I spent the last year performing laser vein treatment on the face (including under and the sides of the eyes). It is VERY effective with little or no downtown.

The Process

What would happen is, you'd have some special numbing drops put in your eyes then special eye shields to protect  your eyes. Then, a little numbing cream would be applied to the veins. Once completed, we would use the laser to target the veins and they basically disappear before our eyes (no pun intended).  You may look a little red for an hour or so afterwards, but that's basically it. 


It is rare, but a few people look a bit red for a day or two. I've also seen a few people look a bit puffy under their eyes, again for a few days. I saw one patient peel due to a very superficial burn, but that was very subtle. In the end, if you can find someone who can do this, its very safe and very effective. There are other other lasers as well, but the ND:YAG seems to work the best.  

Hope that helps a bit.  I posted an article from the site I worked with Dr David Ellis in Toronto demonstrating this. 

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