Fat Atrophy Possible After Thermage on Thin Skin?

Remarks about fat atrophy frightened me a bit. I am 42 years old and my dermatologist told me that I have aged well with limited sagging. I have been having the standard laser facial (no downtime) every 2 months for the past year. I am considering Thermage however, my face is very thin, with little fat. With this machine and my thin skin, should I worry about fat atrophy, losing the little fat I have on my face?

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Fat Atrophy With Thermage is Low

Though fat atrophy is a concern, newer techniques have minimized these risks. Multiple passes/impulses of the skin are performed at more moderate levels. It produces results equivalent to one pass at a high, painful level. These high/intense levels are what atrophy the fat, not the moderate, multiple passes.

With such techniques, we see little fat atrophy in the face. Body treatments carry a slightly higher risk, as we use a more aggressive tip, resulting in deeper heating of the skin dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

We perform our facial Thermage in conjunction with facial resurfacings to get the BEST response for both sagging and texture of the face.

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