Thin Nasal Bone. Unhappy With Results.

i have a rhinoplast for about one month , I was having a wide bridge and a big nose , and i agreed with my docter that he will not break the nasl bone he will only change the size , but what he did is something different he break the nasl bone , it became very thin , and he make the tip of my nose up it wasnt like this , he change the shape of my face completly , I have a problem in accepting my face like this , can the nasal bone will be wider, any change will happen to the thin nasa; bone ?

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Dissatisfied after Rhinoplasty to Reduce Large Nose

If you are just one month after your original operation, it is too soon to evaluate your result but the physical findings you describe can be changed with revision surgery. I did not see your nose before surgery; however, usually it is impossible to reduce a big nose with a wide bridge without breaking the bones. A tip that is turned up one month after surgery may improve as healing progresses.

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