Anything To Do To Strengthen Hair Growth? (photo)

As long as I can remember, I have always had thin hairs along my hairline. These never seem to grow out more than one inch. Now 26, I am starting to concern myself with possible hair loss. Is there anything I can do to possibly strengthen or invigorate the hair growth in that area that they become normal hairs?

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Consider several options - invasive and non-invasive

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There are many factors contributing to thin hair or hair loss.  Fortunately now there are also many options for those looking to do something about it.  One of them is breakthrough hair growth laser light device.  It is an at-home FDA cleared medical device to treat hair loss and promote hair growth in men and women.  It comes as a LaserComb or LaserCap.  These devices provide low-level laser light energy that stimulate hair follicles promoting new hair growth.  With consistent use, most users start seeing benefits in 16 weeks. You can also try Tricomin Copper Complex line of hair products. And of course you can consider hair  transplantation - with new FUE robotic hair transplant it is a good option for young men I hope this helps.

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Hi Jacob,

It sounds like you may be beginning to experience what millions of men and women are dealing with everywhere.  Find a good hair loss physician in your area and get an accurate diagnosis and confirmation of the cause here (it's most likely male pattern thinning).  They should be able to give you a bunch of options, things such as styling materials, FDA approved medications and treatments, surgical options, and off-label treatments commonly used.

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